Here are answers to questions that may arise while using the bot.

  • How do I get to know all the commands of the bot? - The bot has an help command that lists all commands and it's uses.
  • I write the command but the bot won't respond - Make sure you are doing the commands in a server with the bot, and not in the Bot's DM's. Also make sure the bot is online. It may be offline due to some issues.
  • What language is the bot coded in? - The bot is coded in JavaScript.

About the Bot


Reaper Bot - Reaper bot was made on June 19 2018. 
The bot aims to provide functions that help a server in moderation along with fun, memes, music and more!

The bot was made with the goal of having different categories of commands in one single bot!


We are trying to provide the best experience you have while using reaper!




User Satisfaction