chat - Chat with the bot! Usage: chat [message]
fact - Shows a random Fact.
tableflip - Flip Yo Tables.
meme - Hot Fresh Memes
kill - try it urself boi
bean - Bean a user Muahaha
toss - Toss a coin
kannagen - Kannagen your text
gayrate - Shows the gay percent.
lovecalc - Love % between 2 users.
hatecalc - Hate % between 2 users.
lenny - Sends a Variety of Lenny Faces
choose - Choose from 2 things
dadjoke - Tells a random Dad Joke.
roast - Roasts You.
fidgetspinner - See how long your Spinner Spins.
freenitro - Redeem Your Free Discord Nitro now!
8ball - Ask me your doubts my friend.
ball - Throw a ball at someone
rpc - Play Rock,Paper,Scissors
expose - Do it yourself xD
say - Make the bot say your message.
shuffle - Shuffles the words in your sentence.
emojify - Turn your words into emolets.
flip - Flips your text upside-down.
ascii - Turn your text to ASCII.
owo - Make your sentence adorable.
tiny - Make your text tiny
dm - Send your message to a user with the Bot.
serverinfo - Post's important information about the server
membercount - Post's the server's member count
getid - Get ID of mentioned User
weather - Shows the weather of a city
mc - Minecraft Achievement Generator Usage: mc Text
emoteinfo - Info about a emoji using Emoji Name


kick - Kick's the mentioned user from the server.
ban - Ban's the mentioned user from the server.
hackban - Ban a user who is not in the server from joining the server.
warn - Warn a user for his offense.
warnings - Check a user's warnings.
clearwarn - Clear a user's warns.
mute & unmute - Under Development.
lock - Prevent users from typing in that channel.
unlock - Allow users to type in that channel.
createrole - Create a role (createrole [Role Name]).
deleterole - Delete the mentioned role.
createchannel - Create a new channel (createchannel [Name]).
deletechannel - Delete the mentioned channel.
giverole- Give a particular role to mentioned user.
removerole - Remove the role from the mentioned user.
defean - Defean's the mentioned user.
undefean - Undefean the mentioned user.
hide - Hide the channel from members
unhide - Unhides the channel for members to see
setnick - Set nick of a person Usage: setnick @user Nickname


avatar - Get your own/mentioned user's avatar.
wasted - Apply GTA V's wasted effect over an avatar.
jail - Apply a Jail effect over an image/avatar.
rainbow - Apply the rainbow color effect over an avatar.
delete - Makes a Delete meme from an avatar.
belikebill - Be Like Bill!
dog - Sends a Cute Dog/Pupper Pic
cat - Sends an Adorable Cat Pic
bird - Sends cute Birb/Birb Pics
car - Sends a Random Car Image
plane - Sends a Plane Image
space - Sends Cool Space Images
snake - Sends Snake Images
rabbit - Sends Rabbit Images
otter - Sends Otter Images
nature - Sends beautiful nature images
fantasyart- Sends fantasy art images
randomimg - Sends a Random Image
baguette - Uses your avatar to make an image with baguette
captcha - Uses your avatar to make a captcha
clyde - Uses your text to make it seem like Clyde said it
whowouldwin - Mention 2 users pls
changemymind - Changes your mind! using text!
jpeg - Uses your avatar to jpegify
loilice - Uses your avatar for the lolice chief
iphonex - Shows your avatar in an iPhone X
kannagen - Kannagen your text
awooify - Awooify your avatar
phub - Make a pornhub comment
nichijou - Make a GIF with your text
blurpify - Blurpify someone's avatar
magik - Magik-ify someone's avatar
trap - It's a trap card!
fbi - OPEN UP
dab - Dab on dem haters
pepe - Get's pepe


hug - Hug a user GIF
kiss - Kiss a user GIF
pat - Pat a user GIF
feed - Feed a User GIF
poke - Poke a user GIF
cuddle - Cuddle with a user GIF
tickle- Tickle a user GIF
slap - Slap a user GIF


play - Plays a Song from YouTube using name or URL.
pause - Pause the Song.
resume - Resume the paused song.
skip - Skip a song in the queue.
stop - Stop playing music.
volume - Set Bot Volume [Alias : vol]
queue - Shows songs which are queued
clearqueue - Clears all songs from the queue [Alias : cq]
disconnect - Make the bot Stop and leave the voice channel. [Alias : dc]
lyrics - Get the lyrics of any song

Bot Info

help - Bot help
invite - Invite Link to invite bot to your servers (Along with Support server and Donation Options)
info - Shows Bot Info
botstats - Shows Bot Status
uptime - Shows Bot Uptime
ping - Shows Bot Ping
prefix - Set a custom prefix for your server (prefix r!) will make the prefix r!.
vote - Vote the bot on DBL (https://www.discordbots.org)
checkvote - Check if you have voted
totalcommands - Number of Commands and events

Game Stats

fortnite - Get your Fortnite Stats Usage: fortnite [UserName]
pubg - Get your PUBG stats
osu - Get your osu! stats
overwatch - Get your Overwatch stats
csgo - Get your CS:GO stats [In Dev]


welcomer - Custom Welcome messages
Setup Server
setupserver - Make all roles and channels for you [Server Owner Only]
Logging Commands
logpanel - Panel Showing enabled/disabled loggers
logchannel - Set The logging channel - logchannel #channel
toggleall - Toggle all logging options
togglelog - Toggle logging